BAFERD Mindset

4C’s of mental toughness:

  1. control: a tendency to feel and act as if one is influential
  2. commitment: a tendency to involve oneself in rather than experience alienation from an event
  3. challenge: belief that life is changeable and to view an experience as an opportunity rather than a threat
  4. confidence: a strong sense of self-belief and faith regarding one’s ability to succeed

-imperturbability (emcrit):

-no fluffy language in resus room (emcrit, Cliff Reid):

-“work-life balance” does not exist:

-make clinical rules for yourself and stick to them. As soon as you deviate from your own rules, you will miss something.

-quick dispos are important to keep north side open for more pts, BUT if the pieces of the puzzle are not falling together (pt not responding to tx as expected, unexpected exam/labs/etc), STOP THE DIAGNOSIS MOMENTUM and START OVER. **Do not try to force the puzzle pieces to fit when they do not**


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