Push Dose Pressors (Epi)

Cardiac/Code Epi
-alpha & beta effects (inotropy, chronotropy)
-one ampule = 10 mL syringe = contains 1mg total
-thus 1mg / 10 mL = 1000 mcg / 10 mL ==> 100 mcg / 1mL

Push Dose Epi
-never give cardiac doses (1mg) to pt with a pulse
-use a 10mL saline flush: waste 1mL, draw up 1mL epi (contains 100 mcg) from cardiac ampule
-you now have 100 mcg / 10 mL = 10 mcg per mL in this flush

Dirty Epi Drip
-take the entire ampule (10mL syringe) of cardiac epi and inject into 1L NS bag
-you’ve put 1mg epi into 1000mL NS = 1000 mcg / 1000 mL = 1mcg/mL epi drip
-run wide open in anaphylaxis


-pure alpha, so all inotropy and no chronotropy


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